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Welcome to CBC Dental Laboratory

A modern state of the art facility set on 2 floors with a floor space of 3200 square foot.

The laboratory was designed from an empty shell and build to house state of the art CAD/CAM and manufacturing equipment, and facilitates future growth and innovation.

The laboratory includes dedicated areas for each process, administration office, excellent staff facilities and is complete with a patient consultation suite and teaching facility.

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Laboratory services for dentists

A list of available restorations and services available in NHS, private and our premier service, aimed at the surgeon.

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Information for patients

An area dedicated to informing and educating to help patients decide on the best restoration options available and information about what we do and our work.

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All ceramic

CBC all ceramics

An ever growing and evolving field of restorations that combine excellent biocompatibility, strength and aesthetics.


Porcelain fused to metal

CBC bonded crowns

The traditional choice of restorative dental work, bonded restorations are reliable and well proven.


CBC implants

An implant is a replacement root for a missing tooth which can support a crown, bridge or stabilise a denture.

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Confidence in quality

CBC confidence

Legislated and voluntary quality control accreditations to provide assurance and tracability.